Pink Ribbon Co., Ltd would like to send greetings to customers and partners. We wish all our customers health, success and prosperity.

Pink Ribbon Co., Ltd was established in 2016, which is a subsidiary of REANO Group – Taiwan. The REANO Group, with 30 years of experience, is Asia’s leading provider of services, technology and healthcare products related to women’s breast.

Pink Ribbon has a mission in responding to the anti-breast cancer movement in Vietnam. Therefore, products provided by Pink Ribbon to Vietnamese women is active anti-breast cancer solutions which offer a comprehensive breast care through machines, equipment, high-grade cosmetics with raw materials being manufactured in Germany and essential oil extracted from nature with origin from Europe & Asia.

We have highly experienced staff members who are recruited and trained professionally by leading Taiwanese experts. Our principle is always honest, brings practical values and benefits to customers and serves them with dedication and thoughtfulness.


Core value


_ Quality: Quality of the product and service will be the decisive factor for the business viability.

Dedication: Pink Ribbon always emphasizes enthusiasm, dedication and ethics when doing a certain job. No matter what position and role a person holds and plays, each Pink Ribbon member always regards their responsibility towards with their clients, colleagues and partners as the highest priority.

– Professionalism: We aim to being specialized and highly skilled in every position, serve customers as well as cooperate with partners as promptly as possible. We are always subtle and polite to them. Customers’ happiness and satisfaction is our success.


Capacity and experience


– Foreign consultants have more than 30 years of experience, professional skills, in-depth knowledge after many times of dealing with numerous clinical cases of breast problems. They always look for the most effective solutions, provide customers the knowledge they need to ensure “Early Detection – Early Prevention – Early Treatment” with all the enthusiasm and passion.

– The Pink Ribbon’s specialists are strictly selected who are professionally trained according to a high-tech procedure with much experience. When treatment measures with state-of-the-art machineries, scientific treatment processes and thorough consideration are taken by highly experienced people with good technical skills, the results will definitely be perfect.

– With the motto “Customer satisfaction is the measure of our success”, we constantly perfect the quality of services and service style to bring customers an utmost satisfaction.



Vision and mission



Established in an era where science – technique and beauty care technology become flourish, Pink Ribbon fully understands the needs and wishes of Asian women in beautifying themselves and making personal changes. By aspiration to be the pioneer in the industry and the sustainable development strategy towards humans and for humans, by commitment to offering best quality products and services for social prosperity and humanitarian values, Pink Ribbon strives to become the No.1 professional breast care brand in Vietnam. Focusing on improving service quality and expanding the market, we always welcome those who are really anxious, dedicated and willing to participate in the Breast Cancer Prevention Revolution. We wish to build a community that connects and spreads good values ​​through effective activities. We really wish to create a breast cancer-free life.



– For customers: Providing high-class products and services with the best service quality for customers, besides that, each product and service conveys cultural messages to satisfy proper needs of customers.

– For employees: Building a professional, dynamic, creative and humanistic working environment with abundant knowledge and high disciplinary spirit. They have sense of solidarity and creativity in thinking, constantly innovate to achieve success. We create conditions for bringing high income and equal opportunities to all employees.

– For society: Having the mission in responding to the anti-breast cancer movement worldwide, balance business interests and social benefits, contributing positively to community-oriented activities, showing the sense of civic responsibility towards the society and national pride.

– For business partners: Pink Ribbon emphasizes the spirit of mutual cooperation for developing together on the basis of equality, openness and trust.