Pink Ribbon Co., Ltd would like to send greetings to customers and partners. We wish all our customers health, success and prosperity.

Pink Ribbon Co., Ltd was established in 2016, which is a subsidiary of REANO Group – Taiwan. The REANO Group, with 30 years of experience, is Asia’s leading provider of services, technology and healthcare products related to women’s breast.

Pink Ribbon has a mission in responding to the anti-breast cancer movement in Vietnam. Therefore, products provided by Pink Ribbon to Vietnamese women is active anti-breast cancer solutions which offer a comprehensive breast care through machines, equipment, high-grade cosmetics with raw materials being manufactured in Germany and essential oil extracted from nature with origin from Europe & Asia.

We have highly experienced staff members who are recruited and trained professionally by leading Taiwanese experts. Our principle is always honest, brings practical values and benefits to customers and serves them with dedication and thoughtfulness.

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