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Reano Breast Augmentation Machine

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Applicable subjects:

Limbs and cold circulating blood, poorly developed breasts, hereditary breasts, breast and abdomen after delivery, unbalanced breast, nipple and chest tightening after breast augmentation.


Boosts the immune system, improves the underdeveloped chest, reduces stress.
Postoperative care, prevent fibrosis.
Increase breast size, eliminate toxins, make breast firm elastic.
Save milk, reduce stress during pregnancy, reduce swelling, improve nipple depression.
Improve milk flow, circulation of milk, increase milk.
Improved chest irregularities, restoring elasticity to the chest, improving sagging chest.
Improve your menstrual status
All, make the mood comfortable, fun.
Improve chest tightness, eliminate gas welding.
Method of operation

Operate by vibration, infrared ray and the following methods:

Method of Lymphoxisation
Method of lowering chest pressure
The method of breast enlargement
The method of breast lift sag
A manual method for pregnant women


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